НПФ ОРТ - производство и продажа палаток для силовых структур и кемпинга

Research and Production Company ORT is a large Russian company that develops and produces tents for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as camping tents and structures of varying complexity.

We are developing new modifications of tents, improving designs and introducing new technologies and materials. This allows us to extend the lifespan and storage life of tents, make them lighter and simplify the assembly process.

We are a reliable supplier of tents to the Ministry of Emergency and Federal Agency of State Reserves (Rosrezerv) of the Russian Federation. We understand how important it is to quickly respond to any man-made accident or emergency situation, therefore, our warehouse in Saint Petersburg is always stocked with ready products.

Wherever you are going, on a difficult expedition or a trek, we well help you prepare and create a field house to suit your requirements. Our design bureau can develop tents with any modifications.

Our own production

The full work cycle

The company has several production clusters implementing the ideas and developments of the design bureau. Before launching a new product, a prototype is created which is approved by the technical commission. The tent is made in stages: new parts are worked out on models, changes are made to design documentation and new fittings are made for the frame.

Many years of experience

Our designers have deep practical knowledge, which helps them implement the most complex projects. We check all parts against design specifications and in the laboratory, as well as under natural loads that are as close to real conditions as possible.

Certification and quality control

We pay close attention to the quality of our products, therefore, we check all materials and raw materials used in production. If necessary, we perform tests in the following independent accredited laboratories: OOO TsITMiO, IL Univers-Test, OOO Polimertest. Finished products are evaluated by our quality control department and then undergo certification by independent experts.