Tundra tents

Tundra 4
Tundra 4
Diameter, m4,2
Radius, m2,1
Ridge height, m2,9
Slope length, m3,1
Useful floor area, m213,8
Tent weight, kg34 ± 3
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m0.80х0.35х0.22
Tundra 8
Tundra 8
Diameter, m5,0
Radius, m2,5
Ridge height, m3,4
Slope length, m4,2
Useful floor area, m219,6
Tent weight, kg36 ± 4
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m1,05x0,37x0.21
Tundra 16
Tundra 16
Diameter, m6,0
Radius, m3,0
Ridge height, m3,5
Slope length, m4,0
Useful floor area, m228,3
Tent weight, kg51 ± 5
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m1,70x0,50x0,22
Tundra 25
Tundra 25
Diameter, m7,5
Radius, m3,7
Ridge height, m4,1
Slope length, m5,0
Useful floor area, m244,1
Tent weight, kg70 ± 7
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m2,06x0,64x0,50

An easy-to-assemble waterproof canvas frameless tent for comfortable camping. The elegant conical tent is placed on a central pole made of steel links. The tent does not need to be pitched on perfectly flat ground; the guy ropes compensate for any unevenness. A stove or camp fire can be lit inside; smoke and gases are extracted through the hole in the roof through natural draught. If there are no fires, the hole can be closed with a rain flap.