Lavvu tents

Lavvu 15
Lavvu 15
Diameter, m5,9
Radius, m2,3
Ridge height, m3,4
Slope length, m4,0
Useful floor area, m225,0
Tent weight, kg43 ± 2
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m0,85х0,22х0,42
Lavvu 25
Lavvu 25
Diameter, m7,5
Radius, m3,7
Ridge height, m4,3
Slope length, m5,0
Useful floor area, m244,1
Tent weight, kg50 ± 5
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m1,35х0,42х0,22
Lavvu 40
Lavvu 40
Diameter, m10,0
Radius, m5,0
Ridge height, m7,2
Slope length, m7,8
Useful floor area, m278,5
Tent weight, kg93 ± 10
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m1,75х0,4х0,5
Lavvu 100
Lavvu 100
Diameter, m13,0
Radius, m6,5
Ridge height, m7,6
Slope length, m8,7
Useful floor area, m2132,6
Tent weight, kg135 ± 12
Packaging1 big bag
Packing size, m2,05х0,5х0,6

The wigwam tent is modelled after traditional dwellings of inhabitants of the far north and is designed for camping and car camping. This transportable tent is relatively light; the kit only contains a waterproof thick canvas tent, a rain cap, pegs for securing the tent to the ground and guy ropes. The poles for the frame are made on site when assembling the tent. The unevenness of the ground may be offset by the arrangement of the poles. A stove can be placed, or you can light a fire, in the tent, as the smoke will go out through the hole in the top of the tent. If you dont need a fire, you can close the rain flap on the top by using guy ropes.